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Tristan Osborne

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Hello my name is Tristan Osborne ( AUSSIE )
Over the next four months I will be fundraising to help find a cure for cancer which is a cause close to my hart after having lost family members to cancer and now helping my farther to fight cancer. Also in the same time helping to promote Men’s Health that it is ok to say I need help weather it is a family member, a friend or calling beyond blue another cause that is close to my hart and also support. As an incentive to my fellow PA work colleagues the person or department/ ward that donates the most money will have the honour of shave/ waxing the mo and if the target is reached my legs as well.
$ 1,000 = Shave the Mo
$ 4,000 = Wax the Mo
$ 8,000 + = Wax The Mo and my Legs

I'm participating!

Shave or Wax the mo

Status Updates

$25.00 from Sarah HARBROW

Scrub nurse this is part one of your 2 part donation Ozzy well done X

$31.82 from Chris Forbes

Good work Aussie

$10.00 from Tristan Osborne

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