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Tristan Osborne

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Target: $10,000


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PA Research Foundation

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Hello my name is Tristan Osborne ( AUSSIE )
Over the next four months I will be fundraising to help find a cure for cancer which is a cause close to my hart after having lost family members to cancer and now helping my farther to fight cancer. Also in the same time helping to promote Menโ€™s Health that it is ok to say I need help weather it is a family member, a friend or calling beyond blue another cause that is close to my hart and also support. As an incentive to my fellow PA work colleagues the person or department/ ward that donates the most money will have the honour of shave/ waxing the mo and if the target is reached my legs as well.
$ 1,000 = Shave the Mo
$ 4,000 = Wax the Mo
$ 8,000 + = Wax The Mo and my Legs

I'm participating!

Shave or Wax the mo

Status Updates

$31.82 from Shay

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Thanks Shay for your support ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค—

$31.82 from Benny Howie

$31.82 from Grace Cope

$52.62 from John Nuttall


$25.00 from Sarah HARBROW

Scrub nurse this is part one of your 2 part donation Ozzy well done X

$31.82 from Chris Forbes

Good work Aussie

$10.00 from Tristan Osborne

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