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Ronnie Johns' Golf Day

$1,672.07 raised

Target: $1,000


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PA Research Foundation

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To raise money for the PA Research Foundation for their research into eliminating cancer.

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$1,104.45 from Collections

$515.00 from Merchandise Sales

$52.62 from Barry & Jenny

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Hi Barry and Jenny Thank you for your donation. Very kind of you.

Status Update

For those who have asked the photo features along with Mum and myself - the Hon Di Farmer, State Minister & MP for Bulimba and Professor Sandro Porceddu.

Taken Ronnie Johns Golf Day 2018 - May 2018 at Bulimba Golf Club.

Status Update

Welcome to the Ronnie Johns' Golf Day fund raising page.

Each year in memory of my Dad we hold a golf day to raise money towards the invaluable research into head and neck skin cancer.

This research is being lead by Professor Ian Fraser and Professor Sandro Porceddu at the PA Hospital.

The research is investigating melanoma & non-melanoma skin cancers (such as Merkel cell carcinoma) and possible treatment parallels with other head and neck cancers.

Their ultimate goal is to create a vaccine similar to the Gardasil HPV vaccine purely for head and neck skin cancers.

The 2019 Golf Day is Sunday 26 May at Bulimba Golf Club

My target for this page is $1,000.

You are invited to donate here and support this great cause.

Thank you everyone,

Chris Johns

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