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Research is so important to me as well as the many other patients who require more streamlined treatments for their life threatening illnesses. I am so thankful to all the medical, nursing, health professionals, all the hospital staff and particularly the research teams who ensure the best medical treatment for my metastatic breast cancer to enable me to spend more time with my family and friends. Life is so precious. Don't take anything for granted! God Bless you all!

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$21.41 from Tony Gilbertson

$30.00 from Noeleen Warnes

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$80.00 from Cupcake Crayzee

Thank you so much for all your donations.

$1,200.00 from Cupcake Crayzee

Thank you to each and everyone who attended the High Tea on the 23rd June. It means so much not only to me but all patients going through life threatening illnesses. God Bless you all.

$52.62 from William Bishell

Hi Tammy, sending you love, hope and prayers love Tracey and Rick Renyard xxx

Status Update

To say the last 18 months has been a roller coaster ride is an understatement..... Having breast cancer in 2011 I thought it was a bump in the road as everyone says and I would be back on with my life.... well cancer reared its ugly head a few weeks after losing my brother Michael (52 years) to liver cancer in October 2017. Started with a small pleural effusion... started Aromasin and then in September 2018 the pleural effusion intensified requiring drainage and a pleurodesis. I was then started on an oral chemotherapy Xeloda (Capecitabine) I ended up with pan-colitis in November with another hospital admission nearly requiring removal of my colon. After intravenous feeding this improved and I was started on a hormone blocker (Fulvestrant). I continued on this and in early April this year the pleural efusion started to increase again plus I noticed warning signs in my left breast... after tests etc I was found to have a totally new primary breast cancer in the other breast as well as a metastatic pleural effusion from the other side. I was commenced on an intravenous chemotherapy on Anzac Day (AC Chemotherapy - what is known as the Red Devil). Well it certainly was... after 3 rounds of it what I thought was indigestion turned out to be a pericardial effusion (pre-tamponade). IN other words -fluid around the heart which was cancerous fluid in nature... I was discharged on Wed 18th... so blessed as there was no way I was missing out on our Fundraising High Tea today (23rd June).... My gorgeous friend Beverley Curmi (pictured with myself on Sunday 23rd June) shaved her head in my honour... what a wonderful woman. After my week in hospital I am about to commence a new chemotherapy (Abraxane) this coming Wednesday... I am praying this treatment allows me to live a longer life to spend precious moments with my family and friends.... Thank you to everyone who has donated to our cause.... research allows more treatment options and allowing us to live longer.... THank you from the bottom of my heart.

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